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About us

Where can you find a two wheeler which offers you comfort at low-cost with savings?

Well, the answer is NIJ Automotive. We have come up with a series of Electric Scooters which give a comfortable ride at low service cost. It will result in 25 times more cost saving than petrol vehicles within a year of purchase. NIJ Automotive brings forth a silent technological revolution, a cost effective and efficient solution to the global crisis – Pollution. So for NIJ (own) well-being and development, book your NIJ scooter now.


High torque BLDC permanent magnet motor. Delivers 25% more torque as compared to regular motors with higher efficiency.

NIJ EV BLDC Scooter Hub motor - most efficient
NIJ EV Lithium Battery
Extra long lasting Lithium Ferrous Phosphate cells so that you never feel short of power. With life of cells above 2000 cycles* and improved battery management system.

Anti-theft alarm system. Now you never need to worry about leaving your bike unattended.

nij scooter keyless entry remote key
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